FORM B : Registration Form for a Summer School as an Educational Establishment


1. With Application form, please also submit;

- Police conduct certificate of all staff members issued within 2 months prior to registration.

- First aid certificate of member/s of staff. At least one first-aider must be on the premises at all times when school is open.

- JobsPlus Employment License and Residence Permit by the Department of Citizenship and Expatriate Affairs of all foreign members of staff

- Protection of Minors Act (POMA) clearance for all members of staff.

2. The issue of the Registration Certificate at registration stage is subject to the submission of the documents (listed above) by not less than one (1) week before the first day of the Summer School / Club. This deadline must be respected at all times since late submissions of the remaining documentation will eventually result in the initial notification itself not being accepted by the Accreditation Unit.

3. The Summer School/Club administrator is legally obliged to employ personnel following regulations listed in L.N. 206 of 2016.

4. In the eventuality that a Summer School/Club will employ warranted teachers and/or Kindergarten Assistants and/or Learning Support Educators who are already employed with a licensed school, the administrator must fill in the particulars requested in the operational plan of this form and does not need to submit their Police Conduct Certificate and POMA Clearance.

5. Registration is valid for the period between June and September of the year of registration.

6. Person/s registering their summer School/Club must be familiar and in conformity with contents of S.L.327.349.

7. After typing in all details, form must be submitted electronically together with the required documents.


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