Teacher's Warrant

The Hon. Minister of Education,

I, the undersigned, hereby apply for a Teacher’s warrant in terms of

of the Education Act Chapter 327 (Click here to view).

I hereby declare that I have read the guidelines for the completion of this application form and confirm that the information I have declared herein is accurate and complete.

I also declare that there is nothing that relates to my conduct, character or behaviour which precludes the issue or the holding of a Teacher’s Warrant.

I furthermore declare that I have read and understood the Teachers Code of Ethics and Practice, as published by Legal Notice 414 of 2012¹. In the event that I am awarded the Teacher’s Warrant, which is the subject of this application, I hereby undertake to be guided by the principles outlined in the abovementioned Teachers’ Code of Ethics and Practice for as long as I am a holder of the said Teacher’s Warrant.

*Refer to Guidelines

Section A: Particulars




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Identity Card Number

1 Subsidiary Legislation 327.02

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