Bringing your Personal Belongings to Malta from Outside the EU

This form is for you to declare your belongings to Customs and to claim any duty and tax free reliefs what may apply when you return to or transfer your normal home to the EU.

Please fill in each of the following:

Personal Details



Date of your arrival in Malta

Passport No.

Date of Place of Issue

Packing Details

* Packages include cases, cartons, tea chest, etc and loose cargo.

* You must attach a complete detailed packing list to this form; and number and sign each page of the list.

Total number of packages containing your belongings

Duty and Tax relief

Relief is freedom from paying duty and tax when you meet the relevant conditions.

Your Normal Home is where you usually live - that means where you spend 185 days or more in a period of 12 months because of your work and personal connections. But if you have no work connections or your work and personal connections are in different countries, then you usually live where your personal connections are.

However if you are a Maltese citizen and you are working outside the EU, your normal home can be where you are working so long as you have lived there for 185 days or more in a period of 12 months.

As an example, if you are a Maltese citizen returning with your family after working in the USA for 5 years, your normal home is the USA.

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