Control of Major Accident Hazards
(COMAH) - Part A

Statutory information to be provided in the Notification
(COMAH) Regl. L.N. 179/2015 - Part A

Name of the Operator

Address of the Operator (Registered Office Address)

Address of the Establishment Concerned (if different from above)

Website (URL)

Information sufficient to identify the dangerous substances or the categories of dangerous substances present. Quantity and physical form of the dangerous substances

Information is required for both single substances & preparations. Provide information to identify the names & categories of the dangerous substances eg: acute toxic or flammable liquid. (See Schedule 1 Part 1 of COMAH Regulations). Warehouses/Others with frequent inventory fluctuations eg: operators of storage facilities may notify max quantity of dangerous substances. Physical form incl. gas, liquid, powder & solids.
Quantity is the max. that one can anticipate will be present.

Name of Dangerous Substance

Quantity in Tonnes

Physical Form and CAS Number
(CAS - Chemical Abstracts Service)

Category (Schedule 1 Part 1)

Is this a Named Substance? (Schedule 1 Part 2)

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