Application Fiscal Incentive

For registered persons with disability already in employment (employment not subsidised through EU funds) during calendar year 2022.

• The respective employee’s FS3 must be endorsed by the employee as true copy of original and enclosed with the application form together with a copy of the individual ID Card to be eligible.

• The fiscal incentive will only be entailed if the employer/company has not benefitted from the A2E scheme and is in compliance with the 2.0% obligation as per Chapter 210 Persons with Disability (Employment) Act.

• Back dated applications will not be accepted.

• Applications should be addressed and sent to Ms. Moira Falzon, | Compliance, Migration & Public Sector Employment, Jobsplus, Head Office, Hal Far BBG 3000..


For further details or queries contact Ms. Moira Falzon on 22201237 or email quotaregulation.jobsplus@gov.mt
For queries on payments settlement or contribution due contact Ms. Elaine Borg on 22201582 or email elaine.f.borg@gov.mt

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