RPB - Transport Authorisation of Radioactive Substances

Please fill and submit form to: Radiation Protection Board.
For any queries, kindly contact the Radiation Protection Board (email: rpb.ohsa@gov.mt)

Under the Nuclear Safety and Radiation Protection Regulations 2003, any practice which involves a risk from ionizing radiation emanating from an artificial source or from a natural radiation source in cases where natural radionuclides are being or have processed in view of their radioactive, fissile or fertile properties including:

The production, processing, handling, holding, storage, transport, supply, import to and export from Malta, transit through Malta territory, design, manufacture, construction or assemble, acquire, distribute, sell, loan or hire, posses, locate, commission, use and operate, maintain or repair, transfer or decommission, disassemble and disposal of radioactive substances is required to be authorised by the Radiation Protection Board.

This application is designed solely for the transport of radioactive material from one location to another location. Importation procedures (including purchase or leasing of a source) fall outside the remit of this type of Authorisation.

Transport Malta is the Competent Authority for issuing Dangerous Goods Safety Advisor certification and Class 7 driver licenses.




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